Fluid Biomed Inc. Announces World’s First Implantation of Polymer-based Neurovascular Stent in Human Patients


First-in-Human Clinical Safety Trial is Successfully Launched using ReSolv™, the Unique Polymer-Based Flow-Diverting Stent Designed to Treat Brain Aneurysms


Company Advisory Board Expands to Include Respected Medical Key Opinion Leader and Medtech Entrepreneur


CALGARY, AB, June 1, 2023 /CNW/ – Fluid Biomed Inc., a medical device company developing ReSolv™, the world’s first hybrid polymer-metal flow-diverting stent to treat brain aneurysms, announces the international launch of REDIRECT, its first-in-human clinical trial. Phase 1 of this technical feasibility and safety study has begun with successful device implantation without adverse effect in human subjects at the pre-determined 30-day time point and recruitment is on-going.

Dr. John Wong, neurosurgeon, company co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, said “We view this first clinical demonstration in multiple patients of our revolutionary stent, as the next leap in brain aneurysm treatment that combines science, engineering, and medicine. Surmounting the formidable challenges to capture this milestone as a young company with remarkable efficiency of resources and time, is a testament to the dedication, creativity, and tenacity of our talented team, both individually and collectively. We look forward to achieving even more alongside our next financing partners.”

Dr. Alim Mitha, neurosurgeon, company co-founder, President, and Chief Technology Officer, said, “It is incredibly gratifying and exciting to witness years of careful scientific work from our affiliated biomedical engineering laboratory culminate in a transformative medical device. Our unique hybrid polymer-metal technology may be the foundation of an extremely versatile platform that can address the treatment of aneurysmal disease in its broadest scope. Whole new strategies of therapy may open as a result.”

Fluid Biomed also announces new company advisors: Professor Ajay Wakhloo, renowned neuroradiologist and stent pioneer; and Michael Wallace, serial entrepreneur and medical industry leader. “Leveraging the decades of experience from these enviable additions to our advisory board, will help us establish the next generation of neurovascular tools to aid physicians worldwide in the battle against brain aneurysms and stroke,” says Wong.