Dr. Chaucer Shen

Chaucer Shen is Managing Partner at ShangBay Capital and has more than 20 years of medical device industry and investment experience. He started his career as a practicing physician. Prior to joining Shangbay Capital, he was a senior investment advisor at Legend Star, a leading healthcare VC firm, where he was responsible for deal sourcing, providing advisory services on the technical aspects of potential target companies, and worked closely with the investment team on market risks and company valuation, finalizing investment deals together with the team and the board.

Chaucer has worked with a number of renowned international medical device companies, demonstrating his superb in-depth medical device industry knowledge and unmatched leadership to execute deals and grow businesses. His reputation with government agencies and healthcare communities has made it easier to communicate and help resolve any business challenges between portfolio companies and government regulators. Chaucer holds an M.D. degree from Shanghai Jiaotong University Medical School.