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We Develop the Next Generation of Stents

Fluid Biomed is commercializing the first polymer-based brain stent to cure aneurysms. Brain aneurysms afflict up to 5% of people and can lead to devastating stroke. The company team of neurosurgeons, scientists, and engineers has designed the world’s first hybrid polymer-metal flow-diverting stent to cure this deadly disease. Uniquely constructed of dissolving polymer and metal, this innovative medical device provides a scaffold to allow better healing and visualization of blood vessels.

our vision

Better Health & Quality of Life Through Innovation

At Fluid Biomed, we believe that our unique technologies will positively impact human health around the world by pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Navigate the Stent

Using familiar and standard techniques, the physician will navigate our proprietary stent delivery system to bypass the aneurysm under angiographic guidance. Our stent is highly flexible, and will self-expand after release so it does not require a balloon to deploy.

Stent Heals Over Time

The majority of our stent is made of a polymer that provides a scaffold for endothelial cells to promote blood vessel healing. After the aneurysm is cured, our stent gradually is integrated into the blood vessel wall thus leaving very little footprint behind. Because polymer is invisible to x-rays and eventually dissolves away, there is minimal interference with follow-up CT and MRI scans so patients are not required to undergo invasive angiogram tests, and there is no necessity for life-long blood thinners.

Blood Flow Diverted from Aneurysm

As blood flow slows down inside the weak area of the blood vessel, the aneurysm will gradually thrombose over time thus protecting the patient from the risk of rupture and stroke. Blood flow is maintained to normal areas of the brain. The unique construction of our hybrid polymer-metal stent confers excellent flow-diversion properties that compares to or exceeds the performance of regular metal flow-diverters available in the marketplace, as shown in our laboratory data.

OUR Mission

Develop the Next Generation of Stents to
Improve Patient Well-Being

Fluid Biomed is committed to the development of a radically new polymer-based flow-diverting stent in the race to cure brain aneurysms. Our self-expanding stent is engineered to be highly flexible to navigate into delicate blood vessels of the brain. The unique use of polymer in our stent allows better healing of blood vessels while minimizing interference with radiological tests. As the company founders are academic specialists as well as practicing neurosurgeons, we are optimizing the medical device for patient safety, treatment efficacy, and physician ease-of-use.